BOISE — The Discovery Center started off a new annual event this weekend: the Boise ‘Bot Competition.

The Boise ‘Bot Competition is a new annual event started by The Discover Center in this week.

It’s a full of robotics activities weekend. People of all ages could take part in a variety of events from sumo bot competitions — to workshops on how to build your own robot.

“We always love to show off whatever robot you’ve got,”┬ásaid Woody Sobey, the education director for the Discovery Center. “We’ve even got a corral set up today at different times throughout the day you can bring down any robot you’ve ever built and show it off and let the public have a see of what kinds of things you’re working on.”

The ‘Bot Competition was held in cooperation with┬áthe Reuseum and Obtanium Technology Recyclers.

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